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etica is pleased to announce the publication of its first authored work. The Dictionary of Law, written by a distinguished team of academics led by Professor Julian Webb (Professor of Legal Education, Director of the Higher Education Academy, Warwick University) was published by Penguin in December 2009.

The Penguin Dictionary of Law is the ideal reference guide for lawyers, students and anyone interested in the workings of the legal system. It gives clear, jargon-free definitions of legal terms from abuse of process to youth court as well as providing biographical information on important legal thinkers, from John Locke and Thomas Hobbes to Max Weber and Ronald Dworkin.

Julian Webb has published widely on legal education, the legal profession and lawyers' ethics. He is a member of the advisory boards for four journals: the International Journal of the Legal Profession, Commonwealth Law and Legal Education, Revista Educación y Derecho, and Legal Ethics. From 1998 to 2008 he was a founding editor of the latter. With Dr John Paterson, University of Aberdeen, he also edits the ‘Law, Science and Society’ book series published by Routledge-Cavendish. He has been an education adviser to the General Council of the Bar, and has undertaken research and consultancy for a number of professional bodies, including the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee for Legal Education and Conduct, the Dutch Council of the Judiciary, the Law Society of England and Wales and the New Zealand Council of Legal Education. Julian is currently a member of the Executive Committee of the Socio-Legal Studies Association and from 2004-2008 was chair of its Research Ethics Sub-Committee.