Reference library

Included below are some websites that may be of use to editorial and publishing professionals. We welcome any further suggestions for inclusion on this page. (Please note: These links are for reference purposes only and etica makes no representations or endorsements as to the quality, accuracy, functionality or legality of any sites or any goods or services available from them.)

Editorial, reference and research resources

Cambridge Dictionary Online
Mirriam-Webster Online Dictionary - Hundreds of dictionaries
InfoPlease - Dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, atlas, almanac
Wikipedia - Free encyclopedia
Word Reference - Dictionary and translation to and from several languages
Babel Fish Translation - Translates text and websites to and from many languages
Acronym Finder
Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
Yahoo Currency Converter

Legal resources

Case Gateway - Legal Abbreviations
Legal 500
Court Service
Daily Law Notes
Legal Lexicon's Lyceum - Law dictionary
LawLinks - Legal information on the Internet from the University of Kent
EurLex - EU Legislation
Acts of UK Parliament and UK Statutory Instruments
Northern Ireland legislation and Northern Ireland Statutory Rules
Acts of the Scottish Parliament and Scottish Statutory Instruments
Welsh legislation and Welsh Statutory Instruments

Tax and accountancy resources

Inland Revenue
Financial Services Authority

Governmental resources

DirectGov - Government information and services
Essential List - Directory of UK public sector information sources covering UK government, healthcare providers and universities

Publishing information

The British Library
The Bookseller
Weekly Publishing Industry Moves

Maps and travel

National Rail - Includes journey planner


Microsoft Office Online UK - Useful assistance and online training in Office products such as Word and Excel
Microsoft UK - Info, help, security updates (home use only recommended)
Spychecker - Contains loads of freeware anti-virus and spychecker programmes (home use only recommended)
Skype - Free Internet telephony allows you to call other people on their computers or phones, or send instant messages, free between Skype users (home use only recommended)

Internet search engines